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KT Calligraphy August 26-28 2011

Kaz Tanahashi
"Calligraphy with Reflections on Dogen"

Kaz Tanahashi, translator/editor of the recently published Shobogenzo by Dogen Zenji,
and widely-appreciated calligrapher will be giving us a relaxing weekend of
"Calligraphy with Reflections on Dogen" beginning Friday, August 26:

Friday arrival around 3-4pm and tea.
Relax and chat until supper at 6:30.
Evening open. Perhaps a walk out to the ridge for sunset.

Saturday morning sitting 6am.
Breakfast at 7am, a walk ? at 8am, tea at 9am, begin at 9:30 with ideographs "related to Dogen".
Lunch around 12:30, rest, second session at 2:30, tea c. 4:00, supper c. 5:30 or 6:00.
Evening open (for sitting, writing, walking).

Sunday breakfast c. 8:30. Sunday Program from 10am with two sittings, service, then a talk by Kaz: "Why Dogen".
Lunch will conclude this gathering.

The cost will be $200 for the full weekend, $125 for all day Saturday. Meals and materials are included.

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