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Quotes, taken out of context, from

Kobun's Talks, During Denko-e

from a forthcoming book
of Kobun's Talks During Sesshins
edited by Judy Cosgrove
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Section II: Denko-e Sesshin - Assembly on the Transmission of Light

Chapter One: Light ... "denko," transmission of light ... sometimes externally, sometimes internally.

Chapter Two: Listen to the Truth ... Long, deep silence, which contains everything in each person, is very important, even though it contains a bundle of problems inside.

Chapter Three: Menju, Face-to-Face Transmission ... you are one of two existences, and you meet and receive something, you do not just receive it, you also accept yourself ... It has to be done by yourself before it is done

Chapter Four: Many Kinds of Transmission ... in the broader sense of menju we are within it

Chapter Five: Menju is Internal ... Menju is the result of unseen communication of abilities. The abilities come first, then menju. ... Menju, real meeting, goes beyond forms

Chapter Six: Facing the World ... What is important is that you do what you really want to do. ... A new future begins in the present and it has to start, obviously, deep inside of you.

Chapter Seven: Bodhisattva's Vow ... how to see each being in its essential nature, not how it appears and not how it should change ... It is very important not to judge.

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