"remembering KOBUN"

This beautifully crafted book includes both an autobiography and a biography of Kobun, remembrances from over 60 students, friends, and family members, 17 pages of photographs, and selected texts from Kobun's teachings. The book was edited by Alxe Noden and financed and published by Vanja Palmers amd friends. You are welcome to read Jikoji's copy, on the book shelf in the living room of the community building.

The writings referenced or linked below were among the many source materials for the book.

Biographies of Kobun

Kobun's Biography, by Angie Boissevain and others

Kobun's Autobiography, selected by Angie Boissevain and others

Memories of Kobun

"Kobun Chino Otogawa -- Remebering a warm-hearted roshi" by Stephan Bodian, Tricycle magazine, Winter 2010, p. 34 ff.

Keeping Kobun Alive by Wonderful Cloud Shining Dragon
Many memories of Kobun's ways to contribute to a young man's life, and to share the dharma.

Brief Incidents recalled by many friends and students.

Paragraphs, and Poems, about Kobun.

Officiating, at weddings and other ceremonies.

My Story and Kobun over 32 years.

Kobun's Words, and Washing My Face