Ji Ko Ji Jikoji Retreat Center, 12100 Skyline Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95033, phone: (408) 741-9562

Activities, Events and Schedules

Weekday and Sunday Zazen

2014 Activities Schedule

Prior Activities are also accessible.

Sesshins and other events can be attended on a part time, drop in basis. Please call ahead and register if you plan to attend meals or stay overnight. A donation of $50 per day incuding meals and dormitory accomodations is requested, but no one is ever turned away from the Dharma for lack of funds. Scholarships and work-study programs that cover some or all of the costs may be available. Please call Jikoji at 408-741-9562 for further information, or to make reservations, if you plan on staying for meals or overnight lodging. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information about sesshins and other activities.

View or print the Jikoji registration form for sesshins, workshops, and other events.

Visitors Note:

From time to time, Jikoji hosts private retreats, during which time the main buildings are closed to the public.
Please call ahead, (408) 741-9562, if you are planning to visit.


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