Discussions help to refine both our understanding and practice, that are considered and discussed from the diversity of the participants' viewpoints.  We study independently but we learn mostly from sharing and comparing our viewpoints. 

Each discussion is held on the last Sunday of the month starting at 2 pm, usually in the large zendo.  The next topic is selected at the conclusion of each meeting, from the nexus of Science and Buddhism as it applies to us, and to all sentient beings.  No preparation is required for any Discussion. 

References and Links for November 26 2017

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Brain and Mind, 2017

A variety of recent books, articles and talks focus on how the brain gives rise to the human mind, as well as the nature and characteristics of both mind and brain.  The questions of transcendence and naturalism provide welcome background, but Discussions focus on promoting health and well-being through understanding the science of our lives and of other living beings, and through refining our practice of Zen Buddhism.


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The linked page below includes for each Science and Buddhism Discussion at Jikoji a capsule topic paragraph for the Discussion, with links to relevant books, articles and talks.