Kobun Memorial Weekend

Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi founded and helped establish Jikoji and related zen centers between 1968 and his death in 2002. We will honor Kobun’s memory July 30-31, beginning at 9 am Saturday morning sittings.  On Saturday afternoon we will read in turn from “Kobun’s Talks on the Heart Sutra”  to share his teaching.  A few of us will remember listening to Kobun’s slow-spoken, meditative voice, while each person makes his words their own.  On Sunday, after the usual two sittings, service, and a brief introduction by Angie Boissevain, we will form a procession to the memorial site and offer incense while chanting the Daihi Shin Dhahrani.  Buffet lunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday.  Jikoji will be open Sunday afternoon for sitting in the zendo, and/or  enjoying the nearby trails .”  

Rooms are available.