Jikoji Zen Center Newsletter Number 1; June, 2011 This is the beginning of an “e-newsletter” of Jikoji events, news and schedules (Please subscribe for an email delivery to you - information below)
Zen Center
Number 1;  June, 2011

This is the beginning 
of an “e-newsletter”
of Jikoji events, news and schedules

(Please subscribe for an email delivery to you -  information below)

JIKOJI SANGHA NEWS - Winter to Summer, 2011

The year 2011 began as usual with a new year’s potluck, practice and ceremony. In February Angie Boissevain Sensei again led a very large Nehan-e sesshin. Early April brought Ian Forsberg, from Hokoji, as teacher for Tanjo-e sesshin and Buddha’s birthday ceremony, which was followed by a party. Karin Sigmund, and Barbara Anderson (teacher at O-An Zen Center), were ordained at that time. In early June, a study sesshin of the Sandokai, was a first-time joint sesshin of two sanghas - the Santa Cruz Zen Center, led by Kokyo Henkel, along with the Jikoji Zen Center and Shoho Michael Newhall. Kokyo gave an inspiring series of talks. At the end of July, the Sunday memorial ceremony for Kobun will be preceded by a silent practice weekend led by Peter Szydlowski. Angie will be returning in August for the traditional Floating Zendo summer sesshin. Kaz Tanahashi’s calligraphy workshop follows later in August. A zazenkai (one-day sitting) in September and Denko-e sesshin in October will be following. Dates and information are below and on the website. Also, there will be Sunday guest teachers throughout the summer and fall. Again, please check the website for more information.

In resident sangha news, Todd Skyberg, the previous shika, is away from Jikoji, and Karin Sigmund has now become the new shika. Jennifer Holman will be leaving soon to work full time as a yoga teacher. Michael Kahn came to Jikoji this winter, and is doing extensive work around Jikoji, remodeling many of the bathrooms. Brent Walter is also a new resident this May. Gerow, Doug and others continue gathering and placing rocks and refining the grounds. Workshops, and Sunday afternoon programs (tea, three bowls club, red book study, etc.) are now being organized by Gerow. The chickens (aka the arhat sisters), attended by Greg, have egged us on well throughout the year. Doug finished one tunnel and jumped into a second one. Doug and Mike traveled to sesshins in New Mexico and Colorado this year, connecting with sister sanghas. Mike also traveled to other centers in our lineage: O-An in Pennsylvania and Sokukoji in Michigan. The garden is starting slow this year due to a cold spring. Oscar and others continue with the pond restoration. Composting outdoor toilets across the creek now help the campsite area. Hollis, Karin and Greg are steering the business helm. Cliff is involved in Jikoji administration and along with Robert is running the website and e-newsletter. New zendo and dorm improvements by Bryan and his crew continue the great uplifting of Jikoji facilities, with new sleeping rooms, remodeled zendo and a gaitan area in the zendo building. So it goes on, here and everywhere, the way unfolding, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, ten directions...

“Wisdom Eye” Kobun Chino Roshi - from Karme Choling talks, 1994

A famous zen teacher, Joshu, said that after thirty years of practice, then you may start to speak about it. More time than that I have had with this effort, and yet still am hesitant to talk. One reason is there is too much to talk, it is so deep, and often it doesn’t help at all with the practice. One must disappear in the sitting. That is the only way. With an advanced practitioner, inner recognition seems to be a regressed state. It seems absurd. You do not allow yourself so easily to say “I’m OK.” To say “I am Kobun” is understandable. To say “I am not Kobun” - now I am in trouble! And yet… Form is emptiness. No eyes, no nose, no ears, everything chopped down and thrown away. Heart Sutra, Nargarjuna, five hundred years of Buddhist theories, all put under “no.” This “no” we call “no no zero.” What kind of eye, what kind of mind, can receive this insight of emptiness? The eye which sees a relationship of all dharmas, all existences in this relative world, that is call “Igen,” wisdom eye. The wisdom eye observes the relationship of all beings, not just your position, but everything related, inter-related, arising and falling. Whatever comes to the mind, in your being, when in meditation, is nothing but your portion of this relationship. So whatever is observed becomes the source of teaching.



July 29 - 31: Silent

Practice Weekend

July 31: Memorial Ceremony for Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi


August 19 - 26: Floating Zendo Sesshin


August 26 - 28: Kaz Tanahashi Calligraphy Workshop


September 11: Zazenkai (One-Day Sitting)


October 18 - 23:
Denko-e Sesshin


December 4 - 11:

Rohatsu Sesshin



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