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Amended Bylaws

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4th Amended & Restated Bylaws

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Based on the Bylaws, decision-making authority at Jikoji is vested in its Resident Teacher, (currently Michael Newhall), subject to the overall authority of the Board. He sometimes appoints others to assume responsibility or oversight management for various aspects of Jikoji's operations, as listed in Residents and Managers. Jikoji's Residents are responsible for its ongoing operations.

Strategy and tactics are determined within standing and ad hoc committee members appointed by the Resident Teacher, as listed in Committee email distribution.

Some matters are reserved to the Board in the Bylaws. such as approving the annual budget and unbudgeted expenditures, holding meetings, and a few others. In addition to the matters reserved to it under the bylaws, the Board continues to have important fiduciary duties under California Law. These include the duty to preserve and protect Jikojišs assets, to take appropriate action in the event of illegal or improper conduct by officers or agents of Jikoji, and the duty to maintain Jikoji's non-profit status.

Jikoji's teaching objectives and functions will be passed on within the lineage of teachers following Jikoji's deceased founder, Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi.

Source Materials, Historical

The prior (3rd Amended) Bylaws, as a Microsoft Word document, can be downloaded from

The prior (2004) Amended Bylaws, as a pdf document, can be downloaded from

The original bylaws, from 1982, can also be downloaded from

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