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Jikoji Rental Information

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Individual Retreats

Jikoji's basic rate is $35/day for individual retreatants. This fee gives the individual non-exclusive use of the community kitchen, community living room, dormitory, bathroom, zendo, and grounds, including nearby open space trails.

Guests are expected to provide their own food and to clean up after themselves. Linens, blankets and beds are provided, but food and housekeeping are not provided.

For an added fee, individuals may alternatively stay in private or semi-private rooms instead of the dormitories.

Group Retreats

The base rate is $500 for up to 10 people, $40/day for each additional person over 10 up to 20, $30/day for each additional person over 20 up to 30, and $25/person above 30.

This fee gives the group exclusive use of the community kitchen, community living room, both dormitories, the Zendo, and non-exclusive use of the bathrooms and grounds. Two private rooms, the Dokusan Room, located in the Zendo building, and the Smaller Private Room with bath, are included in the group rate. Linens, blankets and sleeping pads are provided> Sleeping in the Zendo is permitted. Housekeeping, incense and candles are not included. Groups are expected to clean up after themselves. Please allot appropriate time to do so.

Additional private rooms are available at extra cost, however these rooms are included without extra charge for groups of 16 or more. Smaller groups may also use the Private Rooms for an added $20/day each, and/or the Middle Room for an added $30/day if single, or $20/day each if shared.

Beyond 20, all facilities are included in the base rates (above plus Private Rooms and Middle Room) without added charges.

A non-refundable deposit of one night's rental, $500, is required to confirm booking.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Multi-day Rental Deposit Policy: $1,000 maximum. For reservations of two days or more, a $500 deposit is required on reservation. Another $500 may be required six months before the reservation date, for a total deposit of $1,000.

Upon cancellation of the reservation, Jikoji shall retain all or a portion of the deposit if Jikoji loses rental revenues due to the cancelation. If Jikoji does not lose rental revenues, the deposit will be refunded. If Jikoji suffers rental income losses from the cancellation that exceed the deposit, the entire deposit will be forfeited. In addition, a group cancelling its reservation within 90 days of the reservation start date will be responsible for up to $500 minimum amount/day minus any substitute rental revenue Jikoji is paid from other renters during the cancelled reservation period.

Examples: For a 7-day rental that is cancelled, if Jikoji is able to rent to another group for the same 7-day period, there is no cancellation cost and the entire deposit of the group canceling will be refunded in full. If, however, Jikoji is paid no rental income during the same 7-day period, and the cancellation is more than 90 days before the reservation date, the entire deposit will forfeited and the group will owe no additional amount to Jikoji. However, if the cancellation is within 90 days of the reservation date, the group could be responsible for a maximum of $500/day x 7 = $3500. This amount will be reduced if Jikoji's is paid rental revenues during the period. For example if Jikoji was paid $1,000 during that 7-day reservation period by another group, the total amount due and owing to Jikoji would be $3500-$1000, or $2500.

Day Use

The day use fee is $250/day minimum for 10 persons or fewer, plus $25/person added for each additional person; this includes exclusive use of the zendo and community building and grounds for 8 hours.

Additional Note

Jikoji's staff may be able to suggest competent vegetarian cooks for groups who prefer to hire out their cooking. Call 408 741-9562 or email Jikoji Rentals for more information.


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