Residency at Jikoji

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Jikoji invites applications for residency. There are also opportunities for short-term residents. We are particularly interested in recruiting zen practitioners who might eventually join our staff, or complement our staff.

Any residency starts with a trial period, subject to mutually agreeable terms that frequently include a break between the initial trial and commitments for longer arrangements. Trial and short term residents are asked to practice as well as to work with the staff for a few hours/day. Longer term visitors also contribute several hours of work per day and practice cooperatively with our staff.

A small number of practitioners maintain Jikoji. Our practice includes morning and evening Zazen weekdays and a Sunday program, as well as four to six sesshins per year. Jikoji serves as a lay practice center for its extended Sangha, and at times hosts other meditation groups' rentals of some or all of Jikoji's facilities.

Residency Application

Residency application process begins with a letter of intention, a visit, interview, and a short trial period that is separated from the full residency.  Residency at Jikoji includes daily meditation practice, a Sunday program, sesshins (week-long meditation retreats), and various maintenance responsibilities, including gardening, housekeeping, chores, etc.   There is also a utility fee, currently $500 a month.  Residents have individual rooms and use of all Jikoji facilities and workshops/programs.   As well as the necessity of some livelihood, a car is also a necessity at Jikoji, as we are up in the mountains far from stores. above Los Gatos and Saratoga.     

If the applicant has had some experience, as well as a letter, reference from meditation teachers or other mentors is requested.   By comparison to other centers and because Jikoji is smaller, it has much less formal structure, so there is time for individual interests or part-time work, and because it is based on a retreat model rather than a monastic one, it has a more liberal sangha environment that demands mature self-direction.