Social Psych

Psychology, both Buddhist and Western, is the tentative direction for future discussions, starting in 2018.  The Nov 26 topic dovetails quite nicely with the "Social Psychology" topic, as cognitive bias and social conformity were to be the example of a social psychological approach. There may be a little philosophy of science thrown in the mix as well. We might explore the argumentative theory of reasoning also, depending on what has already been discussed in previous sessions, and how much time there is.

Our November 26 discussion will consider the book: "The Righteous Mind", by Jonathan Haidt, and Haidt's research on the intimate interplay of morality, emotion, and other psychological factors. References and links are below.

Nov 26: J. Haidt

The following are some links to a sample of Jonathan Haidt's research and books that have been of interest to members of the group. 

TED talks by Jonathan Haidt

Religion, Evolution, and the Ecstasy of Self

How Common Threats can make Common Enemies

Video (youtube)

Moral Foundations

Book:  The Righteous Mind

Haidt's page on the book on appearances on TV (videos) at:

For more, search on Jonathan Haidt.


Social Psych.