Climate Change

Feb 24's 2 pm SB Discussion addressed Climate Change: Causes, Consequences and Potential Remedies; see e.g., Climate Change, (the UN overview, with links to IPCC reports). Humans are currently adding significantly to the environment's burdens, particularly of carbon dioxide. Continuing emissions will increase average global temperature several degrees over the next few decades, and potentially ten degrees over the next century, with catastrophic consequences, see e.g., the recent NYTimes article Time to Panic. This article suggests that only massive worldwide intergovernmental efforts could remedy these potential increases; efforts comparable to the international mobilizations during World War II.

See also Global Buddhist Climate Change Collective, and/or Can Buddhism Meet the Climate Crisis? Buddhadharma magazine Spring 2019.  And/Or search online for options and alternatives relating Buddhism and/or Climate Change; there are thousands of alarmed articles on the latter.

Earlier that Sunday, at our regular 11:45 am Dharma talk, Eric Remington addressed Ecology.


As always, our “Last Sundays” Science & Buddhism discussions are quite open and informal with all invited to participate.

All are welcome. No prior experience with science, Buddhism, or meditation is necessary. Hope to see you there!

Sunday Program: We also invite you to join us that Sunday morning for our 10 am Sunday Program, Dharma Talk, and social lunch, ahead of our 2 pm Science & Buddhism session.