March 31 2019: Self-Compassion

The March 31 2 pm SB Discussion addressed Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself; a book by Krisin Neff, Ph.D., considering the role of self-criticism in our psyche, self-esteem vs self-compassion, self-compassion practices, compassion for others, emotional resilience, and the traditional Buddhist practices of metta.

And/Or search online for options and alternatives relating Buddhism and/or Compassion.

Earlier that Sunday, Vanja Palmers will gave our regular 11:45 am Dharma talk.

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As always, the Science & Buddhism discussions are quite open and informal with all invited to participate.

All are welcome. No prior experience with science, Buddhism, or meditation is necessary. Hope to see you there!

Sunday Program: We also invite you to join us that Sunday morning for our 10 am Sunday Program, Dharma Talk, and social lunch, ahead of our 2 pm Science & Buddhism session.