Vincent Horn

Vincent Horn is a mind hacker & buddhist geek. He has been practicing meditation intensively since his freshman year in college—including a full year doing intensive silent retreat practice. He began teaching meditation in 2010 with the encouragement of his own teachers, Kenneth Folk and Daniel Ingram. In addition, in 2006, Vincent co­founded Buddhist Geeks, which has gone on to become one of the most important venues for exploring the future of Buddhist thought & practice for new generations. You can find out more about Buddhist Geeks on the pages of the Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, and Tricycle. Vincent was also honored to be part of Wired UK’s "Smart List 2012: 50 people who will change the world." Along with his wife and creative partner Emily Horn, he makes his home in Asheville, North Carolina—that is until the distinction between atoms and bits dissolves.

And don’t forget to join Vincent and Emily for his workshop following the dharma talk.  For more about that, click here.

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Vincent and Emily talk about Heart Hacking

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