Angie Boissevain

Angie studied with Kobun while she was raising three sons, being a wife and writing poetry.He called her the enlightened housewife. During the last thirty-plus years of her practice with him she served as a teacher and director at Jikoji, a retreat center she helped to establish for Kobun in the Santa Cruz mountains. For some years she also led retreats as visiting teacher in California and New Mexico, and sometimes traveled as far as to Austrian and Swiss temples established by Kobun. Recently she participated as a training teacher in the SPOT priest training program at Empty Nest Temple. She founded Floating Zendo in San Jose.  She teaches occasional writing workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area, With her agile mind and total presence, she has guided many students to deepen their practice of zazen and understanding of the dharma. She lives in semi-retirement with her cane and her cat.