Pending Major Projects / Projects

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Many future projects await funding at Jikoji.

  • $50,000: Paving our driveway from Skyline Boulevard to Jikoji, and paving the parking areas.
  • $80,000: New Decks and Supporting Infrastructure, estimate at about $20,000 per building.
  • $30,000: New water storage tank and rigging, and fire emergency source
  • $23,000: Refurbishing the living room (carpets, painting, furniture).
  • $100,000: New alternate zendo, providing for up to 35 zafus/zabutans
  • $2,000: Robes changing room, including mini-kitchen, by refurbishing Room #5.

The costs shown are rough estimates, and in most cases much more could be done in each project area than is suggested above.

Some other ideas include:

1) floor for workshop under community building
2) outdoor areas sheltered from sky - for example a gazebo in the garden.

Even if funded, Jikoji Board final approval is needed for all projects. The Board will be happy to consider any proposals by donors for specific projects. Talk to us!

Thank you for your support of Jikoji Zen Center and its Sangha!