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Please add your comments to the Ethics Statement and Conflict Resolution Procedure in the space provided at the bottom of this page. The intentions and guidelines for comments are as follows 1:

The free exchange and critique of reasoned claims.

  Deliberation involves engaging in reciprocal critique of positions involving reasons rather than simply asserting positive or negative opinion.


  Participants must critically examine their cultural values, assumptions and interests, as well as the larger social context.

Ideal role taking.

   Participants must attempt to understand the argument from the other’s perspective. This requires a commitment to an ongoing dialogue in which everyone respectfully listens to each other.


  Each participant must make a sincere effort to provide all information relevant to the particular problem under consideration, including information regarding intentions, interests, needs, and desires.

Inclusion and equality.

  Every participant affected by a proposal under consideration is equally entitled to introduce and question any assertion whatsoever. Inclusion can be limited by inequalities from outside of discourse –  by formal or informal restrictions to access. It can also be limited by inequalities within discourse, where some people dominate discourse and others struggle to get their voices heard.


  Guidelines and Admonitions

       Please keep your comments as brief and to the point as possible. Although excessively long comments will not be deleted (excepting a post resembling a tome), it defeats the function of this site, which is to gather multiple viewpoints. Please remind yourself, that while your contribution is important, it is dialogue that we are trying to promote. A post that addresses a single point is preferable to a many-pointed one, as it allows a more focused discussion. For the same reason, it is best to wait for responses to a post before posting again. Excessive posting has a dampening effect on other posters.

   Do not name names, even your own, nor refer to yourself or another in a way that can identify one. To understand the importance of this rule, read the "Interdependent Deliberation" page on this site. Posts that use names will be deleted. The only exceptions are quotes of others that are informative to the point being made, this exception is not a license to gossip. Posts that denigrate another poster or post, rather than simply critique the idea, will also be deleted. The greatest danger of anonymous interaction is an increase in incivility. It is hoped that within the context of a Buddhist community that values Right Speech, this problem will be minimized.

  Zen is actually...communication. - Shunryu Suzuki

1. Derived from Dahlberg, L., The Internet and Democratic Discourse: Exploring The Prospects of Online Deliberative Forums Extending the Public Sphere, in the Journal of Information, Communication, and Society, Vol 4, 2001.

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