Floating Zendo Sesshin 2019 @ Jikoji – Registration Form

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Name *
Phone *
Which days will you attend? *
Will you need overnight accommodations? *
Please be aware that private accommodations are rare during sesshin and may not be available. We appreciate your understanding.
We may not be able to accommodate all requests, but if you have any overnight needs, please tell us. As above, private rooms are rare during sesshin and may not be available.
Will you need a chair for meditation? *
Will you need Oryoki Instruction? *
Oryoki is a Zen style of serving and eating meals. If you need instruction, or would like to refresh your Oryoki skills, please check Yes.
Will you need an Oryoki set? *
We can provide you with a full Oryoki set for use during sesshin. There are no additional fees for this. If you will need an Oryoki set, please check Yes.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about sesshin.

* Please note that registration is different for sesshins at Jikoji than for individual guest reservations. Sesshin registration and payments are completed upon arrival. Single or private rooms are limited during sesshin and are on an “as available” basis; room assignments may not be known until the first day of sesshin. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you for joining us! Any questions? Please contact us at shika@floatingzendo.org. Gassho.