Sunday, December 2 - Sunday, December 9. Rohatsu Sesshin is underway but it’s not too late to join us. This year, the Rohatsu sesshin, commemorating Buddha's enlightenment of all beings, will be conducted in silence with just zazen and kinhin, without chants, talks, service, or dokusan. Kobun said enlightenment is an accident, and zazen makes one accident prone! Please come join us for this opportunity to practice together. More information.

Sunday, December 1, 6am - 4:30pm "First Saturday" Zazenkai is a 1-day retreat, an immersion into intensive, silent practic. Starting with a gentle pre-dawn walk to the ridge top, we'll sit outdoor zazen (sitting meditation) and help the sun come up over the Santa Cruz Mountains, before returning for breakfast and the start of our traditional Zazenkai schedule. It's a wonderful way to discover the basics of intensive practice. Breakfast and lunch will be served. More information.




December 9, 2pm. Zen Priest Ordination Ceremony. All are invited to attend the Zen priest ordination of Taizan Gendo Mark Adams, followed by a tea reception. After the close of our week-long Rohatsu Sesshin. More information.



Newly available, Precious Mirror combines Jikoji founder Kobun’s brilliant calligraphy with translations into English enface. Kobun was an instrumental figure in the transmission of Zen to America and its evolution within our culture. Although he initially came to assist Shunryu Suzuki at the San Francisco Zen Center, Kobun was enamored of the way Zen, unfettered, blossomed in new soil, and he followed it wherever it grew. For Kobun, Zen was not an institution, but the elemental nature of every aspect of our lives and existed in myriad forms. More information.




Every Sunday. Our Sunday Program is a weekly Open House – a great way to get to know Jikoji and become familiar with Zen practice. Each week, community members and newcomers alike join us from around the Bay Area for sitting meditation, a dharma talk, a social lunch, and the sense of community (Sangha). Beginners are welcome to join in meditation instruction at 10am before joining up with the regular program in the Big Zendo. All are welcome! More information.