November 7 - November 11. We invite you to find stillness in the woods that cradle our temple. Our schedule features several outdoor excursions along our paths, alternating with periods of zazen and walking meditation with tea and a Dharma discussion. Nature Sesshin begins Wednesday, November 7, and will conclude Sunday, November 11, with our regular Jikoji Sunday Program, where sesshin guide Eric Remington will be giving the Dharma Talk. Buffet meals are included. Overnight accommodations are available. More information.


Sunday October 28 at 2 pm. Our Last Sundays Science & Buddhism discussion in October will be on consciousness and Near-Death Experiences (NDE.) The NDE is a phenomenon reported to occur in clinically "dead" conditions from which the patient recovers. Are Near Death Experiences real, or the echo of a nervous system shutting down? We'll discuss the underlying physiology and its implications for consciousness, as well as how the Dharma relates to the topic. We start right after our our regular Sunday Program. More information