Sunday, Dec 2 - Sunday, Dec 9. Rohatsu Sesshin is the traditional winter sesshin commemorating Buddha's enlightenment. As in recent years, Rohatsu will begin with the usual practice – zazen, kinhin, talks, service, chanting, tea – followed by days of more silent and intensive practice. Rohatsu brings us an opportunity to practice together. Traditionally, in various traditions, the first days of December are marked as a special period for celebrating or intensive practice, and many sanghas all over the world are practicing at this time. More information.


Newly available, Precious Mirror combines Jikoji founder Kobun’s brilliant calligraphy with translations into English. More information.


November 25, 2 pm. We will discuss Altered Traits, and States, the science of  the behavioral, psychological, and neurological changes resulting from meditation-related practices, highlighting recent books on the subject. More information.

December 1. Sunrise Zazenkai. A one day retreat, an immersion into intensive practice, starting with a pre-dawn walk to our ridge top to meditate and help the sun come up over the Santa Cruz Mountains. Then breakfast. More information.




Every Sunday. Our Sunday Program is a weekly Open House – a great way to get to know Jikoji and become familiar with Zen practice. Each week, community members and newcomers alike join us from around the Bay Area for sitting meditation, a dharma talk, a social lunch, and the sense of community (Sangha). Beginners are welcome to join in meditation instruction at 10am before joining up with the regular program in the Big Zendo. All are welcome! More information.