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Discussion Group: Science & Buddhism


A warm and friendly arm chair discussion, in the community building's living room, of the most important issues from prior discussion topics

  • What: One vs Three Realities: Transcendent (Math), Actual (Physics), and Human Imagination/Intellect (Life)
  • When: Cosmology and Multilevel evolution as Science's current origen myths, vs Buddhism's question: relevance to suffering
  • Why: Determinism, Nirvana and Karma vs Morality, Struggle, and Free Will as our basis for knowledge of Truth, Science, and Life
  • How: Wisdom and Merit vs Righteousness, Entitlement, Inheritance,and Privilege
  • Where: Neurobiology of Brain, Mind and Consciousness, vs the "Mind Only" school of Buddhist Thought 

Reading Suggestions

  • Debating God: Notes on an Unanswered Question by Gary Gutting is "a concluding reflection on my series of 12 interviews with philosophers on religion.” In this article Gutting also provides many links to a wide variety of published works and articles on the Philosophy of Religion.
  • "Meditations of a Buddhist Skeptic, A Manifesto for the Mind Sciences and Contemplative Practice" by B. Alan Wallace, Columbia University Press, New York.
  • "What is Human Nature?, "The Origens of Religion", and other interactions between biological and cultural evolution are in part addressed in Edward O. Wilson's recent book The Social Conquest of Earth": (the link is to a NYTimes review).
  • Huston Smith's book " The World's Religions: Our Great Wisdom Traditions" is on the coffee table of the community living room. 
  • Also on that table is the book "Sammadhi: Personal Journeys to Spiritual Truth", in which 100 religious practitioners and mystics share their insights on the great questions
    • What is Truth? 
    • What is Reality? 
    • What is Love? 
    • What is Sammadhi?


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