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Rohatsu Sesshin

Rohatsu Sesshin


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Rohatsu Sesshin is the traditional winter sesshin commemorating Buddha's enlightenment. As in recent years, Rohatsu will begin with the usual practice form - zazen, kinhin, talks, service, chanting, etc. - followed by days of more silent and intensive practice. 

Sesshin will begin on Sunday evening with registration from 4:00-6:00 and an informal supper at 6:00 pm. The Sesshin will end on Sunday with Jikoji's normal Sunday program, and lunch and clean-up. The suggested contribution, $60 per day, includes dormitory accommodation and meals. Sesshins and other events can be attended on a part time, drop in basis. Please call ahead and register if you plan to attend meals or stay overnight. 

The word Rohatsu is Japanese and literally means "8th Day of the 12th Month" which commemorates the day which the historical Buddha reached enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. 

Rohatsu brings us an opportunity to practice together. Traditionally, in various traditions, the first days of December are marked as a special period for celebrating or intensive practice, and many sanghas all over the world are practicing at this time




Doug Jacobson Profile.JPG

Doug Jacobson, a Jikoji Resident, received Dharma transmission from Shoho Michael Newhall.  In his professional life he is a civil/tunnel engineer.  He serves as Jikoji's maintenance oversight manager (MOM), and also assists prisoners with Buddhist practice.  He received Dharma transmission from Shoho Michael Newhall in 2015.



Sesshin Schedule

Sunday 03 December    
4:00 PM    Registration Begins
6:00 PM    Dinner
6:45 PM    Clean-Up
7:20 PM    Zazen
7:50 PM    Kinhin
8:00 PM    Zazen
8:30 PM    Opening Remarks
9:00 PM    Nine bows

Monday 04 - Saturday 09    
5:00 AM    Wake-up Bell
5:30 AM    Zazen
6:10 AM    Kinhin
6:20 AM    Zazen
7:00 AM    Kinhin
7:10 AM    Breakfast
8:00 AM    Soji
8:20 AM    Bell rings to end soji
9:10 AM    Zazen
9:50 AM    Kinhin
10:00 AM    Zazen
10:30 AM    Outdoor Kinhin or Zazen
11:10 AM    Zazen
11:50 AM    Kinhin
12:00 PM    Lunch
2:00 PM    Zazen
2:40 PM    Kinhin
2:50 PM    Zazen
3:20 PM    Outdoor Kinhin or Zazen
4:10 PM    Zazen
4:50 PM    Kinhin
5:00 PM    Zazen
5:30 PM    Kinhin
5:40 PM    Dinner
7:30 PM    Zazen
8:10 PM    Kinhin
8:20 PM    Zazen
8:50 PM    Nine bows

Sunday 10 December    
5:00 AM    Wake-up Bell
5:30 AM    Zazen
6:10 AM    Kinhin
6:20 AM    Zazen
6:50 AM    Service
7:10 AM    Breakfast
8:00 AM    Closing remarks in zendo
8:30 AM    Cleanup
9:40 AM    Outdoor Kinhin
10:00 AM    Zazen
10:40 AM    Kinhin
10:50 AM    Zazen
11:30 AM    Service
11:40 AM    Dharma Talk
12:30 PM    Social Lunch


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