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Floating Zendo Sesshin 2019 @ Jikoji


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Jikoji is happy to once again be hosting the annual Floating Zendo Sesshin, taught this year by Paula Jones, a long-time student of Floating Zendo founder Angie Boissevain and teacher at FZ San Diego.

Sesshin begins on Friday, September 13. Attendees are welcome to arrive beginning at 4:00 pm. Oryoki instruction will begin at 5:00 followed by a social dinner at 6:00. Sesshin ends after lunch on Friday, September 20.

Simple vegetarian food will be served. All meals will be served Oryoki-style in the Dining Room. Those with dietary restrictions are responsible for managing their special food needs and will be able to prepare food following the Oryoki meal service. Please request the food policy from:

Retreat and accommodation fees:
•  $465 for the week (7 nights)
•  $70 for 1 day + 1 night stay (includes car and tent campers)
•  $45 for the day

Jikoji’s dorms and double rooms feature comfortable bunk beds. Some rooms have an adjoining or nearby bathroom and shower. An ADA bathroom is available.

• Teacher dana is not included in rates: Suggested dana is $10 to $20 per day
•  Some scholarships are available up to 50% of full rate. Deadline for scholarship applications is August 13. Scholarship awards will be announced in early September.
•  Early registration is encouraged. This helps with our over-all planning.
•  Sesshin schedule will be posted on the Floating Zendo and Jikoji websites in early September.

For more information, please see the sesshin flyer, or contact the sesshin shika at


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Paula Jones became a student of Kobun Chino’s the first night she attended Santa Cruz Zendo. That year she, with her very young daughter, joined the residents in practice at the School Street House next to the zendo. During that time, she attended sesshins at Hidden Villa in Los Altos Hills, where she first met Angie Boissevain. She later spent some days working and more days sitting sesshins in the earliest days at Jikoji.

After many moves and many years, having arrived again at Jikoji for Kobun’s funeral, she exchanged bows with Angie. Not too long afterward, she became her student. Since receiving transmission from Angie in 2014, she has shared some of Angie’s teaching duties, including giving talks and leading sesshins at Jikoji. Paula also leads monthly sittings for Floating Zendo San Diego.