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Rohatsu Sesshin

Rohatsu Sesshin


Rohatsu Sesshin is the traditional winter sesshin commemorating Buddha's enlightenment of all beings extending to this very moment. Rohatsu will be conducted without chants, talks, service, or dokusan.  From Monday through Saturday, Rohatsu will be conducted in silence with just zazen and kinhin. Kobun said enlightenment is an accident and zazen makes one accident prone!  Please come join us for this opportunity to practice together. 

Sesshin will begin on Sunday evening with an informal supper at 6:00 pm. The Sesshin will end on the following Sunday with Jikoji's normal Sunday program, lunch, and clean-up. The suggested contribution, $60 per day, includes dormitory accommodation and meals. Sesshins and other events can be attended on a part time, drop-in basis. Please register (below) if you plan to attend meals or stay overnight. 

The word Rohatsu is Japanese and literally means "8th Day of the 12th Month" which commemorates the day which the historical Buddha reached enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. Traditionally, in various traditions, the first days of December are marked as a special period for celebrating or intensive practice, and many sanghas all over the world are practicing at this time

Everything at Jikoji is freely offered and scholarships are available for those who need them. Total 7-day stay is $360 (Includes meals and accommodations.) For people staying only a portion the rates are $60/per overnight, and $25/per day for day visits.  

All food is vegetarian and prepared by the head of kitchen known as the Tenzo. Meals during sesshin will be served oryoki-style in the dining hall of the Jikoji Community Building. Oryoki is an integral part of the sesshin experience and an extension of our Zendo forms. If you need to learn oryoki instructions please indicate so on the registration form. Instructions will be provided Tuesday morning before our first Oryoki meal. You can also learn the basics by watching a video and reading instructions supplied here: For a complete list of meal times please see the schedule. Oryoki instruction will also be offered on arrival day, an hour before the evening meal, and by arrangement with the Sesshin Ino.  

Jikoji offers separate female and male dormitory style beds with shared bathrooms. If you have any special needs please let us know through the registration form. Bedding and linens are provided, but you are encouraged to bring a sleeping bag/extra blankets and pillow if taking the "campsite" option.

What to bring
Comfortable loose-fitting clothes good for sitting for long hours (ideally without logos and slogans)
A warm sweater and other warm layers (mornings and evenings can be chilly)
A warm, rain resistant coat
Shoes that you can work in
Shoes/footwear that are easy to remove after walking between buildings
A change of clothes to work outside (weather permitting)
An open mind

(subject to change)

6:00     dinner
7:30     zazen
8:10     kinhin
8:20     Opening Remarks

4:30     WAKEUP
5:00     zazen
5:40     kinhin - or walk to ridge
5:50     zazen
6:30     kinhin
6:40     zazen
7:20     kinhin
7:30     zazen
8:00     BREAKFAST
9:00     zazen
9:40     kinhin
9:50     zazen - or outdoor kinhin
10:30   kinhin
10:40   zazen
11:20   kinhin
11:30   zazen
12:00   LUNCH
1:00     zazen
1:40     kinhin
1:50     zazen - or outdoor kinhin
2:30     kinhin
2:40     zazen
3:20     kinhin
3:30     zazen
4:10     kinhin - or walk to ridge
4:20     zazen
5:00     kinhin
5:10     DINNER
6:10     BREAK
6:10     zazen
6:50     kinhin
7:00     zazen
7:40     kinhin
7:50     zazen
8:30     9 bows

4:30     WAKE-UP
5:00     zazen
5:40     kinhin
5:50     zazen
6:30     kinhin
6:40     zazen
7:20     kinhin
7:30     zazen
8:00     BREAKFAST
8:45     Closing Remarks
10:00   zazen
10:40   kinhin
10:50   zazen
11:20   SERVICE
12:30   Sunday Program Lunch
2:00     gentle walk to the ridge

Please feel free to call Jikoji's business line at 408-741-9562 or email the Ino at  

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