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Summer Nature Sesshin


Summer Nature Sesshin

Led by Eric Remington & Doug Jacobson

We invite you to find stillness in the woods that cradle our temple. Our schedule features several outdoor excursions along our paths, alternating with periods of zazen and walking meditation, and a tea and Dharma discussion.

Our Summer Nature Sesshin begins Thursday evening, July 4, and will conclude Sunday, July 7, with our regular Jikoji Sunday Program, where sesshin co-leader Eric Remington will give the Dharma Talk. Buffet meals are included. You are welcome to come for all or any part of the event, participating in the schedule as you wish. Our zendos are always open. Please see below for the complete schedule.

PREPARATION: The weather at Jikoji can vary greatly over the course of a day. Summer mornings can be cool, but the days will heat up significantly. Whatever the weather happens to be, rain or shine, shouldn't affect our weekend. But please keep weather in mind when preparing for your visit. Eric suggests wearing shoes suitable for walking in the country, and dressing in layers is advised. You may wish to bring a hat and insect repellent.

Additional Preparation: Our First Saturdays Zazenkai is a 1-day retreat, and a wonderful way to get a taste of what a multi-day sesshin (retreat) is like. Please see here for more information.

COST: This Nature Sesshin retreat has no registration fee for day attendance and is freely offered, although dana (donations) are always appreciated. Optional overnight accommodations (see below) may be booked separately for a separate fee.

OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS (Thursday July 4, Friday July 5, and Saturday July 6), if desired, must be booked separately on our Reservations page. Camp sites are also available. You are welcome to attend part time only and on a drop-in basis.

Eric Remington was an early student of Kobun, Jikoji's Founder, in the early 1970s. After years spent studying with Kobun and founding a school for children, Eric was ordained and subsequently trained at Tassajara Monastery for a year. He became a biologist and naturalist before living for several years in the desert, and more recently joined Jikoji as a Resident.

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(Schedule is subject to minor change.)

Thursday, July 4
4-5p    Arrival & Registration
5:30    dinner
7:00    walk to ridge for sunset
7:45     sunset and return to Zendo                                                                                             8:00    zazen
8:30    opening remarks
9:00    adjourn for bed

Friday - Saturday, July 5 & 6
5:00 AM          walk to ridge   sunrise 5:53     am
5:15 AM          Zazen on ridge            sunset  8:30     pm
6:00 AM          Kinhin - slow walk back to Jikoji                    
6:20 AM          Zazen in Zendo                                   
6:50 AM          Service                                               
7:00 AM          Breakfast                                           
7:45 AM          Samu (Work Period)                          
8:45 AM          End of Samu                           

9:00 AM          Zazen                                      
9:40 AM          Outdoor Kinhin                                   
10:20 AM        Zazen                                      
10:50 AM        Kinhin                                     
11:00 AM        Zazen                                      
11:30 AM        Lunch                                     
12:10 PM         Break and Clean up                           

1:10 PM           Zazen                                      
1:40 PM           set up for tea and Dharma Talk                    
1:50 PM           Dharma Talk and Discussion             
3:00 PM           Kinhin                                     
3:10 PM           Zazen                                      
3:50 PM           Kinhin                                     
4:00 PM           Zazen                                      
4:10 PM           Kinhin                                     
4:20 PM           Zazen                                      
5:00 PM           kinhin                                     
5:10 PM          Dinner - Cleanup - Break                             

7:30 PM           Walk to the ridge                               
7:45 PM           Zazen                                      
8:45 PM           Kinhin - slow walk back to Jikoji                    
9:00 PM           Bedtime                                             

Sunday, July 7
5:30 awake-up bell,
5:45 walk to ridge
6:30 sunrise and return to Zendo
6:45 Zazen
7:15 Service
7:30 Breakfast – cleanup – pack
9:00 explore area around Zendo

10:00 Jikoji Sunday Program begins