Practice Schedules

Weekday and Sunday Zazen

Resident Practice is open to all.  Please join us for meditation at the following times:

6:00 a.m. Mon - Fri
8:00 pm Mon-Thurs 

Sunday Program welcomes everyone during the Sunday schedule. The Sunday program begins with zazen at 10 am, and includes two periods of zazen and a dharma talk, followed by a social lunch. After lunch various classes, ceremonial Japanese tea services, workshops and group discussions are frequently offered.  Guests are welcome to continue to visit or enjoy the surrounding open space and trails.

10:00 a.m. Sitting Meditation
10:40 Walking Meditation
10:50 Sitting Meditation
11:20 Service
11:40 Talk
12:30 Social Lunch


Sesshin is a period of intensive practice ranging from one day to a week.  Jikoji exists to support you in your Zen practice and so we recognize that the world has expectations of your schedule.  You are welcome to attend our sesshin on a part-time basis.  Please check the events page for upcoming sesshins.


Jikoji offers a wide variety of workshops to share Zen Teachings, integrate Zen into particular aspects of your life, and to develop the skills and connections that create depth and meaning into your daily existence.  These are listed on the events page

Food and Rest

Jikoji has rooms available.  Please call ahead if you plan to attend meals or stay overnight.  

Financial Assistance

A donation of $50 per day including meals and dormitory accommodations is requested, but no one is ever turned away from the Dharma for lack of funds. Scholarships that cover some or all of the costs may be available. Please call Jikoji at 408-741-9562 for further information, or to make reservations, if you plan on staying for meals or request overnight lodging. 

Visitors Note:

From time to time, Jikoji hosts private retreats, during which time the main buildings are closed to the public. 
Please call ahead, (408) 741-9562, if you are planning to visit.