Residency Application

Desired Arrival Date *
Desired Arrival Date
When are you available to begin residency?
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Current Address *
Current Address
Are you currently working with a Zen or Buddhist Teacher?
Have you received the precepts in lay ordination? *
Date of Jukai
Date of Jukai
Have you been ordained as a Priest? *
Date of Ordination
Date of Ordination
In a paragraph or two, let us know what draws you to Zen Practice in general and Jikoji in particular. We’re curious about how you see integrating that into life at Jikoji.
What is your experience in studying Buddhism, Zen or other spiritual traditions
In a few words, how do you see yourself in community life and practice at zen center. Feel free to include any special areas of interest, skills you would like to share, or aspects that you would like to develop. Let us know why living in a zen practice community feels like a right fit for you now.
Have you completed at least one 7 day Sesshin? *
Residents are expected to complete at least one period of intensive sitting prior to entry into Jikoji
Can you follow the Schedule? *
Full Participation as a Jikoji Resident includes the following...
How will you support yourself while living at Jikoji? *
By necessity, residents must be able to meet their basic needs while living at Jikoji.
Are you available to do work one 24 hour a day per week as a Jikoji Manager of the Day *
Residents are expected to dedicate one day a week as the Manager of the Day, in addition to their regular responsibilities in return for a reduction in the utility fee. Residents with full-time employment can be exempted from weekday duties.
What are your work or personal limitations that might be an issue in full participation as a resident?