Led by Doug Jacobson


"First Saturday" Zazenkai is a full day exploration of the silent practice of Zen meditation. Our special Sunrise Zazenkai begins with a gentle pre-dawn walk up to the ridge, where we'll sit outdoor zazen (sitting meditation) and greet the morning birds and sun over the Santa Cruz Mountains, before coming back down for breakfast and the start of our traditional Zazenkai schedule.

All are welcome to join us for all or part of the day.

If you're thinking about attending a sesshin or extended retreat, Zazenkai is a wonderful way to discover the basics of intensive practice. Breakfast and lunch will be served.

Sunrise Zazenkai Schedule

Please meet at the Community Bldg by 4:45 am
for our walk to the ridge for sunrise zazen.

  5:00    Walk to Ridge
  5:20    Zazen (sitting meditation) on ridge
  6:00    Kinhin (walking meditation)
  6:10    Zazen
  6:50    Service
  7:00    Walk back to Jikoji
  7:20    Breakfast / Break
  9:00    Introductory Remarks
  9:30    Zazen
10:10    Kinhin
10:20    Zazen
11:00    Kinhin
11:10    Zazen    
12:00    Lunch / Break
  2:00    Tea & Dharma Discussion
  3:00    Zazen
  3:40    Kinhin
  3:50    Zazen
  4:30    Kinhin
  4:40    Closing Remarks
  5:00    End