Jikoji Sunday Program

The Sunday DOANRYO

The Sunday Doanryo at Jikoji is a dedicated team of sangha members who bring the Sunday Program to life and cultivate connection with a community of practitioners.  Bringing a new energy into ancient zen forms, doanryo members strike the wooden han to sound the call of practice in the morning, guide new arrivals to the cushion, teach zazen, ring the bells for service, and prepare the meal where the sangha gathers at the end of the morning.

The Sunday Doanryo is open to all members of the sangha - with no particular requirements on your schedule.  You can participate every week or sign up just for the occasional Sunday and enter the stream however your life allows.  To join, all that is required is that you complete a short training for the role you want to learn and sign up for any open slot in the schedule.  

We warmly invite you to join this nascent community and to learn these simple monastic practices of zen.  The Sunday program is a time for the larger community to come together as a Sangha and gives us the opportunity to strike the bells together, calling forth the ancient way and revealing a venerable path that is here with us now and follows the hillside road back into our daily lives.  To learn more, investigate the links above or just email Andy Acker and let him know to sign you up. 


Sunday Program Ino coordinates scheduling and logistics for the Sunday Program in conjunction with the Tanto.  Distinct from the Jikoji Resident Sunday Ino.  Provides training as needed for roles, in conjunction with the Tanto.   Oversees coordination needs & resources for Sunday Program and its attendees.  Contributes to the announcements before lunch.  During weekly Jikoji resident meetings, provides information on wider sangha participation for the Sunday Program roles.  It is distinct from other roles in that it is an ongoing dharma position rather than temporary.  

Greeter meets visitors near the whiteboard at the community building to welcome them to Jikoji, answer questions, and direct them to either zazen or meditation instruction.  Greeter arrives by 9:30, posts the signage at the community building and the small zendo, and is available to greet early arrivals.  Also provides info for hiking trails and upcoming programs as needed.  Throughout the morning, the greeter maintains connection with visitors to ensure that they feel met and welcome.

Zazen instructor Is available for zazen Instruction during the 10:00 zazen period. Must be available beginning at 9:45, and works with the greeter and/or Sunday Program Ino to assess needs and number of people for Zazen istruction.  Hosts instruction in the Small Zendo on Sundays where Jikoji is sitting in the Big Zendo, and the Dokusan Room on Sundays where the Big Zendo is being rented out to a group.  Offers instruction on Zazen, basic Zendo forms and etiquette, and answers any questions.  Guides those who have received instruction to carefully enter the Zendo and join the larger group.  

Doan serves in the traditional doan roles. Doan arrives in time to begin striking the han at 9:45, and rings the bells at the beginning and end of each sitting and walking meditation period.  Doan also leads the chants during Sunday service, and keeps time for the speaker- leading chants at both the beginning and end of the talk.   

Tenzo prepares the Sunday Lunch.  Coordinates meal planning and logistics during the weeks, arriving in the kitchen by 10:00 am on Sunday.  Adjusts food quantities as needed depending on number of participants.  May have assistance in the kitchen from residents or wider sangha as needed.  

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