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Weekend Study : The Heart Sutra
Friday, June 2 through Sunday, June 4


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Join us for a Weekend Study retreat exploring The Heart Sutra, focusing on how the Buddhist concept of non-duality figures into this familiar yet enigmatic chant.

The weekend begins Friday evening, June 2, and will conclude Sunday, June 4, with our usual Sunday program.

Our schedule features several group discussion periods, with individual free study periods for alone time with The Heart Sutra, anchored throughout by periods of zazen. Buffet meals are included. You are welcome to come for all or any part of the weekend, participating in the schedule as you wish. Our zendos are always open.

Materials for the weekend will include Heart Sutra commentaries by Jikoji founder Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi, Red Pine, Kazuaki Tanahashi, and others, along with different versions and translations of the text, including the original chant sheet (pictured left) from Haiku Zendo, which Kobun led during his early years in the US.  

Our discussions will be led by Jikoji Resident Teacher Doug Jacobson, and other teachers to be announced. "I'm excited about this weekend," Doug says, "which isn't about Dharma Talks so much as creating opportunities to talk dharma, sitting with and studying the Heart Sutra, returning to the circle to share insights of embodying this dynamic document, then sitting again."

$100 for two nights (Friday and Saturday), all meals included.

(subject to change)


4–6 PM    Arrival & Registration
6:00    Dinner and Kitchen Cleanup
7:00    Zazen
7:40    Opening Remarks and Discussion
8:40    Evening Service / Three Refuges
8:55    Day End


6:30 AM    Wake-up Bell
7:00    Zazen & Service
8:00    Breakfast and Kitchen Cleanup
9:00    Zazen
9:40    Kinhin
9:50    Zazen
10:30    Talk & Discussion
11:30    Zazen
12:10 PM Lunch and Kitchen Cleanup
1:10    Zazen
1:50    Kinhin
2:00    Zazen
2:30    Study/Free Period
3:00    Talk & Discussion
4:00    Zazen
4:40    Kinhin
4:50    Zazen
5:30    Talk & Discussion
6:30    Dinner + Cleanup
7:30    Zazen
8:00    Talk & Discussion
8:45    Zazen
9:15    Three Refuges


6:30 AM    Wake-up Bell
7:00    Zazen & Service
8:00    Breakfast and Kitchen Cleanup
9:00    Closing Talk & Discussion
10:00    Jikoji Regular Sunday Program begins
10:40    Kinhin
10:50    Zazen
11:30    Service
11:45    Dharma Talk
12:30    Lunch

Register here.
Download Heart Sutra versions (pdf).
Additional info.