Join us for Genzo-e

Genzo-e Sesshin : a weekend of study and connection

Dear Sangha,

You are warmly invited to join us for Jikoji’s smaller spring teaching sesshin, called Genzo-e, taught by Kokyo Henkel, the guiding teacher of Santa Cruz Zen Center. We begin Thursday evening, May 18th, and finish with our usual Sunday program, May 21st. Genzo-e has a lighter zazen schedule, with more teaching and discussion times. Kokyo will be teaching from Dogen Zenji's “Gabyo” (Painting of a Rice Cake) fascicle in the Shobogenzo.

I hope that you will be able to join us for the weekend as we encounter one of the core teachings of Zen, where, in Kokyo’s words, “ old saying is turned on its head, clarifying how hunger is not satisfied by some kind of ‘real’ rice cakes, but by created paintings of them. Thus creativity brings everything to life.”

Kokyo is a wonderful Dharma teacher. Take a look at Dogen’s words, and we hope to see you for the sesshin.

Shoho Michael Newhall

Genzo-e Sesshin may18-21 a three day retreat with Kokyo Henkel

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