Ways To Visit Jikoji


Jikoji Zen Center is located at 12100 Skyline Blvd, Los Gatos, CA, about 9 miles outside of Saratoga, at 2350 feet elevation in the Santa Cruz Mountains (map, directions.) Please feel free to email or call us (408-741-9562) if you have any questions.




Our Sunday Program is a weekly "open house" – a great way to get to know Jikoji and become familiar with Zen practice. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday. More information.

Daily practice

All are invited to attend our daily resident practice. Please join us in the zendo for meditation at these times:

6:00 a.m. Mon - Fri
8:00 pm Mon-Thurs


Jikoji offers a wide variety of programs, events, sesshins (retreats), and workshops for both beginning and more advanced practitioners. Please see our Events page for more information.

Individual retreatS

Jikoji is available to individuals for self-directed retreats. Please see our Reservations page for details.

Group retreatS

Jikoji is available to compatible groups who wish to use our facilities to hold private retreats. For additional information, please write to our Shika (Guest Manager.)


Jikoji maintains a residency program for those seeking to intensify their practice within our resident community, and to help maintain and run Jikoji in service to our universal Sangha. More information.