In Honor of Jikoji's Founder

Friday, July 26 - Sunday July 28.
Join us as we spend the weekend honoring the memory of Jikoji founder Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi. We begin Friday with a social dinner, then a walk to the ridge in appreciation of the Santa Cruz Mountains, so much a part of Kobun's vision for Jikoji. Our formal program starts Saturday with periods of zazen and readings from Kobun’s transcripts. More.



Thursday Evening Discussion Group


Discussion. Zazen.
Every Thursday. 6 pm.
Beginners welcome.



Led by Gerow Reece


Thursday, Aug 29 - Sunday Sept 1.
Come and deepen your weekend practicing calligraphy with a brush. Delve into both East Asian and Western calligraphy--developing sensitivity to both line and space, awareness in both eye and hand, each word gaining expressive unity rather than being just a line-up of individual letters, shifting focus from outer form to inner feeling, expression beyond words via words. More.


Friday, September 13 - Friday, September 20.
Jikoji is happy to once again be hosting the annual Floating Zendo Sesshin, taught this year by Paula Jones, a long-time student of Floating Zendo founder Angie Boissevain, and teacher at FZ San Diego. More.


A Drum Of Bone A Whistle of Silver

Poems by Angie Boissevain

Angie, November 2018 20181108_150145.jpg

"These are poems in love with the fleeting world--that travel through its dense underbrush and listen to its secrets. Poems in which the the bees' "solemn feeding," is lifted into ceremony. In which life is a book, "inscribed/on the antlers of a deer,/in the thin red bark of manzanita." There is much wisdom and pleasure to be found in this raucous assembly." Danusha Lameris

Angie Boissevain helped found Jikoji with Kobun and was our first director and one of our earliest teachers. She leads weekly practice at Floating Zendo in San Jose. With her agile mind and total presence, Angie has guided many students towards a deeper zen practice and understanding of the dharma. She lives in semi-retirement in San Jose with her cane and her cat. More.