Tanjo-e Sesshin

April 2 - 8

Sesshin is translated to mean “Touching the Heart/Mind”. For seven days you’re invited to dive deeply into silence, meditation, and mindfulness. This is an opportunity for the novice and veteran meditator to practice side-by-side. For people new to Zen this is the chance to engage with an experienced teacher and establish a practice that has the power to transform your life. 

During a period of seven days you will learn and practice through the timeless traditions of sitting meditation (zazen), walking meditation (kinhin), mindful eating (oryoki), and mindful work (samu).  All of these are designed to extend the practice of zazen beyond the meditation cushion and into our everyday embodied experience.

Daily tea and dharma talks will be led by a teacher and you’ll also have the opportunity for a private one-on-one meeting (dokusan).

This particular sesshin falls during the time of year when the birth of Buddhism’s founder, Gautama Siddhartha, is celebrated. The retreat will end on Sunday at the beginning of the Buddha’s Birth Celebration. A ceremony will be performed and lunch will be served. All sesshin guests are invited to stay and attend.


Feb 3
SUNRISE Zazenkai

Our "First Saturday" Zazenkai is a day-long dive into intensive, silent practice,

APRIL 2 - 8
TANJO-E Sesshin

Join us for our spring retreat celebrating the Buddha's birth.

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