Calligraphy Workshop

Led by Gerow Reece
Feb 10 - 11

Come join us in studying the ancient mindful practice of calligraphy. In this workshop, Gerow Reece will introduce us to the "Chinese brush" to develop line sensitivity and awareness in both eye and hand.

We will learn to write 3 or 4 Chinese ideographs beginning with number one, a "simple" horizontal line.

We will apply the same sense of stroke and flow used for ideographs while forming English words.

Each word will gain its own expressive unity rather than being a mere line-up of separate letters.  This suggests a shift of focus from outer form to inner feeling, i.e. expression beyond words via words. Participants should bring 3 or 4 words or a phrase that feels important - worth looking at much more than once.
If you have any brush calligraphy tools (brushes, ink, ink stone, paper) bring them. Materials will also be available to use here.


Feb 6

A one day intensive led by Doug jacobson the first Saturday of each month

Feb 16 - 23
Nehan-E Sesshin

Join us for our spring retreat exploring Bendowa and the still point of form.

Jan 28
Science & Buddhism

Explore the confluence of science and buddhism and social psychology