A Weekly Book Discussion Group

Thursday Evenings, 6 pm - 8:30 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Our next ZMBM meeting will be Thursday, May 23, following a two week break. Hope to see you then!

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few."

So begins Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, by Shunryu Suzuki. Join us in discussion of this modern Zen classic. Thursdays at 6 pm. A light social dinner will be offered. Followed by sitting meditation at 8 pm. Copies of the book are available at Jikoji. Continuing on May 23, with Chapter 2, Breathing. Beginners welcome! More.



With Doug Jacobson & Hogan Martin

Friday, May 31 - Sunday, June 2.
Spring is here, the Jikoji to-do list is in full bloom, and our next “First Saturdays” Zazenkai is about incorporating Zen practice and work with a day of outdoor and indoor tasks calling out for Sangha volunteers. Join Doug and Hogan for an 8am breakfast, followed by a day of work and practice, with a noon lunch, provided. Tea, coffee, and healthy snacks throughout. Tools and work gloves? We've got 'em! More.



Taught by Kokyo Henkel

Thursday, June 13 - Sunday, June 16.
Genzo-e sesshin is an opportunity for a deep exploration of Dogen Zenji’s teachings. Taught by Kokyo Henkel of Santa Cruz Zen Center, the Jikoji and SCZC Sanghas will gather together to delve into Dogen’s Shobogenzo as text and experience, using “Mind Cannot Be Grasped” (Shobogenzo Shin Fukatoku) as our study text. Registration is open. More.


A Drum Of Bone A Whistle of Silver

Poems by Angie Boissevain

Angie, November 2018 20181108_150145.jpg

"These are poems in love with the fleeting world--that travel through its dense underbrush and listen to its secrets. Poems in which the the bees' "solemn feeding," is lifted into ceremony. In which life is a book, "inscribed/on the antlers of a deer,/in the thin red bark of manzanita." There is much wisdom and pleasure to be found in this raucous assembly." Danusha Lameris

Angie Boissevain helped found Jikoji with Kobun and was our first director and one of our earliest teachers. She leads weekly practice at Floating Zendo in San Jose. With her agile mind and total presence, Angie has guided many students towards a deeper zen practice and understanding of the dharma. She lives in semi-retirement in San Jose with her cane and her cat. More.