Satya Vayu, priest and renunciate

Satyavayu began Zen practice while studying Asian religion in college, and soon after moved to California to pursue practice full time.  He first met Kobun in sesshin at Jikoji in the early nineties, while also practicing at Berkeley Zen Center, and  at Tassajara.  He was ordained a priest by Kobun at Hokoji in Taos, New Mexico, and soon after went to Japan to train at Bukkokuji monastery for most of the next five years.  Since 2000, he's lived in the northwest - mostly in Portland Oregon - where he leads a small sangha that focuses on expressing practice through simple, low-impact living and engagement with the natural world.  In addition to the core practice of zazen, he incorporates the body practice of taiji and qigong, and the voice practice of Indian raga into the sangha's expression, and he also leads contemplative wilderness retreats.  Inspired by the traditions of spiritual renunciation or voluntary siimplicity, he has lived without income or his own house for many years.

To listen to his dharma talk, click HERE.