Rohatsu Sesshin 2017
December 3 - 10

Rohatsu Sesshin is the traditional winter sesshin commemorating Buddha's enlightenment. Rohatsu will begin with the usual practice form - zazen, kinhin, talks, service, chanting - followed by days of silent, intensive practice. Led by Doug Jacobson. For more details, schedule, registration info, please click here. Hope to see you soon.


First Saturday Zazenkai

A Full Day Intensive: 9am-5pm

As in training our bodies, the key to training our minds is varying the intensity of practice. Every First Saturday of the month, we offer Zazenkai, a day-long dive into intensive, silent practice, deepening our Zen meditation.

If you're thinking of attending a sesshin or extended retreat, Zazenkai is a wonderful introduction to intensive practice. Lunch will be served. More info.


New YeaR's at Jikoji

Sunday, Dec 31, 2017 - Monday, Jan 1, 2018

Come burn your regrets and ring in the New Year at Jikoji with 108 bows and a peaceful party in the canyon. Spend the night in one of our cozy dorm rooms, then join us New Year's Day for a hike through the open spaces surrounding Jikoji.

Dinner and breakfast will be served. Potlucks welcomed!

Overnight accommodations can be reserved here.


Look within! ... The secret is inside you.

- Hui-neng





Edited by Angie Boissevain & Judy Cosgrove

A collection of Kobun’s teachings on the key points in the Platform Sutra of Hui-neng, the Sixth Patriarch of Zen. According to Kobun, the core of the teaching is expressed in, ”We take refuge in the pure Law-body of the Buddha with our own physical bodies…” With these words, Hui-neng introduces Zen to Chinese Buddhist practice.

You may download a free copy here